How to Use APIs to Access Data From External Sources in Kodular

How to Use APIs to Access Data: Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are a crucial resource for gaining access to data from outside sources. Apps may obtain information from other sources such as social networking platforms, meteorological services, and more thanks to APIs, which allow various software systems to connect with one another. It is simple to deal with APIs and access external data with Kodular’s built-in tools and components.

Understanding How to Use APIs to Access Data From External Sources in Kodular


Understanding APIs

It’s crucial to comprehend what APIs are and how they operate before we start using them in Kodular. An API is, at its most basic level, a collection of standards and protocols that outline how various software systems should communicate with one another. A web server responds to requests made through APIs by sending the desired data back to the app. There are several ways to access APIs, including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests.

Using the Web Component in Kodular

You may send HTTP queries to a remote server using the Web component, a built-in component of Kodular. You may use this component to visit APIs and get data from outside sources. Drag the Web component into your Kodular app screen, then set its attributes to include the API’s URL and the request method you wish to use in order to use it (e.g. GET or POST).

Parsing JSON Data

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight, user-friendly data transfer format that is returned by many APIs. The built-in JSON Utilities component in Kodular may be used to manipulate JSON data. This component offers blocks for JSON data encoding and decoding as well as blocks for accessing certain JSON object parts.

Accessing Weather from an API

Let’s go through an example of obtaining weather data from an API to show how to use Kodular’s APIs. The OpenWeatherMap API, which offers weather information for cities across the world, will be used in this example.

You must first register for a free API key on the OpenWeatherMap website to get started. Once you have your API key, you can use the Kodular Web component to make calls to the API. Here is an example block of code that uses the OpenWeatherMap API to get the most recent weather information for a city:

In this example, we’re using our API key and the name of the city we wish to get weather information for to send a GET request to the OpenWeatherMap API. We are utilizing the “Current Weather Data” API endpoint, which provides information about the local city’s current weather. When the answer is received, we decode the JSON data using the JSON Utilities component to obtain the current temperature and the weather report.


Kodular makes it simple to use APIs to access external data, which is a necessary skill for app developers. You may get data from several external sources and include it into your program by comprehending how APIs operate and using the integrated Web component and JSON Utilities component.


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