Using the KodularWeb Component to Connect to External Web Services

Using the KodularWeb Component: Kodular has a feature called KodularWeb that enables you to connect to other websites. Many app developers consider this component to be a necessary tool since it can be used to transmit and receive data to and from a web server.

Using the KodularWeb Component to Connect to External Web Services


Setting up the KodularWeb Component

You must include the KodularWeb component in your app in order to use it. To achieve this, just drag the component from the palette on the Kodular interface’s left side and drop it into the screen of your app.

You must setup the KodularWeb component after you’ve added it. Click on the component to reveal its properties window and then proceed. Here, you may provide any headers or parameters you need to send as well as the URL of the online service you wish to connect to.

Sending a request with KodularWeb

Once the KodularWeb component is configured, you can use it to make a request to the outside web service. Use the “PostText” function of the component, which makes a POST request with the supplied data to the URL you specify in the component’s attributes, to do this.

Here is an illustration of a block of code that queries a web service and shows the outcome in a label:

In this example, we’re sending a POST request with the argument “data” set to “hello” to the URL “”. We display the response in a label after it is received.

Receiving a response with KodularWeb

The “GotText” event of the KodularWeb component is triggered when it receives a response from the web service. This event may be used to process the response and make any necessary UI updates to your app.

As an example, consider the following block of code, which responds to the “GotText” event and displays the result in a label:

In this illustration, we’re only showing the response as a label. Anyway, you are free to utilize the response information however you see fit, like updating a list view or filling out a form.


For integrating your app with outside online services, the KodularWeb component is a potent tool. You can set up the component, issue a request, and handle the answer in your app by following the instructions provided in this course. Using this information, you may develop mobile applications that can communicate with online services to offer a richer user experience.


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