Introduction to Kodular | Free Kodular Course | Lesson # 1

Introduction to Kodular: After reading this article you will know about Kodular that what is Kodular, How it works? and we will know about the main motive, Pricing,  team working on Kodular and Corporation Information of Kodular.

Introduction to Kodular |Lesson # 1

Anyone may create applications on the Kodular platform without knowing any programming. Creator is the main module of Kodular. With Kodular Creator, you can turn your concepts into applications. the finest free, coding-free drag and drop app maker.


This platform is entirely free as long as your application doesn’t include advertisements. In contrast, if you use Kodular’s advertising components, they’ll take a small cut of your earnings.



Kodular team is composed with people from several countries around the world.

  • Conor Ship (VP of Engineering from UK)
  • Diego Barrero (CEO from Spain)
  • Minchael Rudgider (VP of Product from Germany)
  • Hossein Amerkashi (Head of Development from US)
  • Pavitra Golchha (VP of Innovation from India)
  • Sander Jochems (VP of Digital-Tech from France)
  • Sivagiri Visakan (VP of User Experience from India)
  • Vishwas Adiga (VP of Design from India)



In order to make app coding simpler, Kodular was created from MIT App Inventor. More than 1 million active users from more than 200 different nations rely on Kodular to make their ideal apps quickly. More than 2.8 million Kodular users have created thousands of app projects. More than 2 million users visit Kodular each day. Every day, millions of users from all over the world use a Kodular-created app.


Corporation Information

General Information

Type of Company: Limited Liability Company

Country: United States of America (USA)

Regulated by: State of Delaware

Business Address

Junnovate, LLC

8 The Green, Suite # 10309, Dover, Delaware 19901, United States of America


Authorized Representative

Diego Barreiro Perez ([email protected])


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