Home Remedy for Cough: Honey and Lemon Tea

Home Remedy for Cough: Coughing is a natural action that aids in clearing mucus, foreign objects, and toxins from the lungs. Coughing is a natural bodily process, but it can be extremely unpleasant and interfere with everyday activities. Luckily, there are numerous natural treatments, such as honey and lemon tea, that can ease and alleviate coughing. We’ll go over what honey and lemon tea is in this piece and how it can help with coughing.

Home Remedy for Cough: Honey and Lemon Tea

Home Remedy for Cough: Honey and Lemon Tea

What is tea with honey and lemon?

Making calming honey and lemon tea at home is a straightforward home remedy. Honey and lemon juice are combined with heated water. A sore mouth can be relieved and illnesses can be fought thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities of honey. Citrus, on the other hand, is high in vitamin C, which can support recovery and strengthen the immune system.

How Does Honey and Lemon Tea Help Cough?

The following methods for congestion relief involve honey and lemon tea:

  • Soothes the Throat: A sore tongue can be relieved by honey and lemon, which also decrease inflammation and make coughing simpler.
  • Loosens Mucus: Honey and lemon tea can help to loosen mucus in the lungs, which facilitates coughing up the phlegm.
  • Immune System Booster: Lemons are a good source of vitamin C, which can help to strengthen the immune system and fend off illnesses.
  • Suppresses Cough: Honey has natural cough-suppressing qualities that can help to lessen hacking frequency and intensity.

How to Make Honey and Lemon Tea for Cough?

Making tea with honey and citrus for a cold is simple. the following steps:

  • Heat Water: In a saucepan or teapot, heat 1 cup of water until it boils.
  • Honey and Lemon Tea: To the boiling water, add 1-2 teaspoons each of honey and lemon juice. Mix the honey until it melts.
  • Drink: Drink leisurely while the tea is still steaming.


While drinking honey and lemon tea is usually safe, you should consider the following safety measures:

  • Avoid Honey for Infants: Children under one should not be given honey. Baby botulism can be brought on by honey.
  • Monitor Sugar Intake: Honey contains a lot of sugar, so if you have diabetes or are monitoring your sugar consumption, be sure to keep an eye on it.
  • Consult a Doctor: If your cough persists for more than a week or is followed by other symptoms like a fever, breathing difficulties, or chest discomfort, consult a doctor.



A straightforward and efficient home cure for congestion is honey and lemon tea. It eases tongue discomfort, thins mucus, strengthens the immune system, and reduces coughing. Simply combine honey and lemon juice in hot water to create honey and lemon tea for cough, and sip it gently while it’s still warm. Make sure to take safety measures, such as keeping honey away from young children and getting help from a doctor if required. With the proper treatment, your wheeze will vanish quickly.


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