Bioplasgen-1 (Bio-1) Homoeopathic Tablets Uses, Indications for Treatment of Anaemia and Chlorosis

Bioplasgen-1 (Bio-1) homoeopathic tablets are indicated for supportive treatment of Anaemia (Blood Deficiency) & chlorosis. Homoeopathic Bioplasgen-01 tablets help to expel toxins from our body. These tablets are very helpful in physical & mental weakness, tremors and palpitations. These are also effective in headache, numbness and tingling sensations. Bio-1 Tablets also cure in the pale waxy appearance of the skin.

Composition of Bioplasgen-1 Tablets:

  • Calcium Phosphoricum 3x,
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x,
  • Natrum Muriaticum 6x,
  • Kalium Phosphoricum 3x

How to Use / Dosage of Bioplasgen-1 (Bio-1) Homoeopathic Tablets:

  • Adults may take 4 Tablets 4 times a day with every 3 hours gap.
  • Children may take 2 Tablets 4 times a day with every 3 hours gap.

Note: Bioplasgen-1 (Bio-1) homoeopathic tablets may be used as directed by the registered homoeopathic doctor.

Precautions in taking Homoeopathic Medicines:

  • Take all homoeopathic medicines 30 minutes before or after meals.
  • Store all homoeopathic medicines in a place which is cool and dry.
  • Keep all homoeopathic medicines out of reach of children.

Adverse Effects of Bioplasgen-1 Tablets:

  • Till now, there are no adverse effects reported or observed
  • However patient’s existing symptoms may get worse temporarily when homoeopathic medicines are taken.
  • However, overall risks of homoeopathic remedies are very low.
  • It is recommended that consult a Homoeopath instead of self-medication.

What is Anaemia:

Anaemia is the condition when number of the red blood cells are lower than normal or low quantity of haemoglobin.  It diminishes the capacity of the blood cells to carry the oxygen. Persons of anaemia feel tired, fatigue easily, appears pale, palpitations, and even sometimes become short of breath. Children suffering from anaemia are more prone to infections related problems and learning problems. In children, main cause of anaemia is low iron in diet. It is also often due to gastrointestinal bleeding.

Who Can Suffer from Anaemia?

One can be anaemic if he/she don’t make required number of red blood cells. This can be due to some inherited disease or any bone marrow disease. Moreover, if any person lose red blood cells by bleeding or suffering from any disease that is destroying his / her red blood cells or didn’t eat balanced food (lack in the nutrients, such as iron) can also suffer from anaemia.

What is Chlorosis?

It is generic term for any type of anaemia in which RBCs are paler than normal. It was commonly spread among young women. The initial stage symptoms of chlorosis are the pale, almost waxen color of the gums and the inner eyelids, heavy walk, palpitations of the heart, somnolence, sense of discomfort and disinclination for work. Weakness is felt in these young women along with palpitations of the hear, oppression, lethargy, and aversion to a meat diet.” In this disease (chlorosis), persons are not fit mentally and physically both. They can loss their appetite also.

Bioplasgen-1 (Bio-1) Homoeopathic Tablets Uses, Indications for Treatment of Anaemia and Chlorosis

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