Adding and Customizing UI Elements in Kodular – Creating A User Interface

Adding and Customizing UI Elements in Kodular: Kodular is a sophisticated platform that enables people to develop mobile applications without any prior coding knowledge. Designing the user interface is one of the most important components of developing a mobile app. Kodular has a number of UI components that may be used to create an interactive user experience. In this session, we’ll look at adding and customizing UI components in Kodular.

Adding and Customizing UI Elements in Kodular – Creating A User Interface


Adding UI Elements

To add UI components to your project, launch the Kodular interface and start a new one. After you’ve built the project, you may drag and drop UI components into the interface. To do so, go to the left-hand side panel and choose the relevant UI element. If you want to add a button, for example, look for it in the “Layout” section and drag it into the interface.


Customizing UI Elements

After you’ve added the UI element, you may modify its attributes in the right-hand panel. The attributes will differ based on the UI element you are changing. When modifying a button, for example, you may alter the text, background color, font size, and other features.


Adding Event Handlers

You must add event handlers to your UI components in order to make them interactive. When a user interacts with a UI element, event handlers describe what occurs. Click on the “Blocks” area and drag and drop the necessary blocks to create event handlers. To specify what occurs when a button is pressed, for example, you may add a “when Button1 Click” block and define the actions that should be taken.


Customizing Visual Effects

You may further modify the appearance and feel of UI components by adding visual effects in addition to configuring their parameters and adding event handlers. You may make your app more attractive to the user by using graphics, animations, and other visual effects. Navigate to the “Media” area and drag the desired visual effect onto the interface to add it.


Previewing Your Project

You may preview your project once you’ve added and changed your UI components by selecting the “Preview” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to test the UI components’ functioning and make any required changes.



Finally, designing the user interface is an important component of developing a mobile application. Kodular offers a large selection of UI components that may be added to the interface and tailored to meet the demands of the project. You may add and change UI components in Kodular and develop a user-friendly and engaging mobile app by following the procedures provided in this tutorial.


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