5 Turkish Dessert Recipes Sweet Treats to Satisfy your Cravings

5 Turkish Dessert: Turkish desserts are no exception to the country’s famedly varied and opulent food. Turkish sweets are renowned for their mouthwatering flavors and distinctive textures. Honey, almonds, and fruit are typically used in their preparation. Here are 5 treat dishes from Turkey that will sate your sweet tooth.

5 Turkish Dessert Recipes Sweet Treats to Satisfy your Cravings

5 Turkish Dessert Recipes Sweet Treats to Satisfy your Cravings

1.Baklava Dessert

Turkish desserts that have been around for millennia include baklava. Phyllo dough is used to create layers of this pie, which is then filled with ground nuts, sugar, and seasonings. A sugary syrup is then drizzled on top after the segments are cooked until they are crisp and golden brown. Every event calls for a sugary and crunchy delicacy like baklava.

Recipe of Baklava Dessert: How to Make the Perfect Turkish Sweet Treat at Home

2. Kunefe Dessert

Dessert called kunefe is well-liked in Turkey and the rest of the Middle East. Shredded phyllo pastry, a covering of cheese, and sweet syrup are the ingredients. When making kunefe, mild, plain cheese is typically warmed over phyllo pastry. Lemon juice, sugar, and water are used to create the liquid that is used in kunefe. A delectable treat that is typically served warm, kunefe is ideal for chilly winter nights.

Recipe of Kunefe Dessert: A Delicious Middle Eastern Dessert You Need to Try

3. Delight Dessert

It has been popular since ancient times, Turkish Delight is a delectable delicacy. Its ingredients are sugar, water, and flour, and either rosewater or lemon juice are used to taste it. Following cooking and cooling, the concoction is divided into bite-sized portions and dusted with powdered sugar. Turkish Delight is ideal for sating your sugar appetite because of its soft and chewy structure.

Recipe of Delight Dessert: The Sweet Story Behind Turkey’s Iconic Confectionery

4. Revani Dessert

It is made from wheat flour, sugar, and eggs, Revani is a traditional Turkish treat. Lemon zest is used to flavor the dough, which is then cooked until golden brown. After cooling, a syrupy mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice is drizzled on top. Revani pairs well with a cup of Turkish tea because of its wet and spongy feel.

Recipe of Revani Dessert: A Traditional Turkish Dessert Perfect for Tea Time

5. Sutlac Dessert

A famous rice dessert in Turkey is called sutlac. Rice, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence are the ingredients. Together, the ingredients are heated until the concoction solidifies and the rice is thoroughly cooked. When the food is cooked and ready to serve, it is cooled in the refrigerator. The creamy, soothing texture of sutlac makes it the ideal treat for a balmy summer evening.

Recipe of Sutlac Dessert: Cool Down with this Creamy and Delicious Turkish Rice Pudding


The distinct tastes and textures of Turkish sweets are well-known. Despite using basic components, they are flavorful. Turkish sweets have something for everyone, whether you’re craving a sweet and crunchy delight like baklava or a creamy and warming dish like sutlac. Try one of these dishes to sate your craving for sweets.


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